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Benefits of a Life Coach?

To realise the benefis of a life coach we must first understand what a life coach is.

Life coaching is a non-directive, collaboratation of conversation between coach and client that can enable the desired change. Through choices, questions, reflections which lead to new behaviours and thought patterns. This process includes empowering clients to make courageous decisions about their life, work, relationships, and their life.What is key here is that the LIFE COACH helps to empower the client to make these decisions for themselves. The client feels supported and like we have all heard two heads are better than one.


Help you understand more clearly your passions and purpose in life.

Some people know exactly what they want from life and how to go about getting it… however many people don’t! Why? As humans we have a great capacity to over think and talk ourselves out of things. Could be the need of support and a confidence booster. To be clear on these things you need a better idea of who you are, and what makes life meaningful for you, and helps you a sense of purpose. Working with a life coach can be a great way to get a better sense of who you are, dig up your skills, talents and gifts, and discover what gives your life meaning.

Better equip you with the tools to work through specific problems to find the right solution, for you.

People's goals and desires are unique to them so each life coaching session will be tailored just for you. Whether you are looking to form better relationships with loved ones or friends, career goals or personal goals a life coach can really help and support the client by in depth listening and targeted conversation. A life coach can also help change your persepctive. A favoutite quote of mine is " When you cahnge the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

Helping you learn to be present and to Engage

Most of us, now, have busy lives with family and work. Which is time consuming and exhasuting, however with its rewards. We can feel like life is passing us by and we will never find the time to pursue our dreams or goals. Learning to be present is a skill which takes practice each day. For my life it has really helped me just take 10 minutes out for myself to really be at one. In all the hustle and bustle we can overlook and miss the joy and possibilities right in front of us. This technique is called mindfulness.

Goal setting

Setting goals is a great way to feel a sense of achievement and to actually give a sense of accomplishment. Setting goals yourself may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming so a life coach can help you identify your goals, set them and plan those goals all being guided by the life coach. An effective life coach will also make sure to check every part of the plan is achievable and within the time frame planned.

Developing structure and self awareness

Whether it is learning to manage your time, (being constantly late will ruin relationships, carees etc. Being late also tells the other person you do not value their time and you have no self organisation skills) developing structure and self awareness is key in achieving your goals, dreams and desires. Many people are easily distracted so developing structure within self is a part of self awareness and will present itself in all aspects of your life, once learnt and applied. We have no idea of the all the laers that togehter combined make us up. Until we start to discover our true selves we will run on auto pilot, so to speak, the programmes of your subconscious mind. Practising self awareness will unlock so much more of your mind and add to your fullest potential.

Honesty and accountability

Being hones with oneself is the first step to achievement and change.

Taking accountablility of where you are in life is a huge step towards suucess. We can all blame life with what it has thrown at us however that isn'tempowering and will only lead to stagnation. Taking accountability and responsiblity and being honest with that opens the door for growth and moving forward and letting go of old behaviour and thought patterns that atre not serving us or our life anymore. Beliefs are thoughts and we, generally,thinking thousands of thoughts every day and usually the same ones howevert houghts can be changed and with that change comes a newer more apt you. This is not an easy task however it is very neccessary in getting the new goals, dreams, opportunities and life you deserve and desire.

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