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Gut Feelings

We have all heard the phrase "I had a GUT FEELING". or "Follow Your Gut" Where does that actually come from?

This phrase is derived from the belief that many emotion seems to originate from the stomach area, also called the gut. This belief that the stomach is the seat of emotions and feelings has been present since the biblical times.

However GUT FEELINGS are also more physical as well as emotional. We really have to look after our GUT. To have great health we must have a balanced GUT. Our digestive system has trillions of bacteria and viruses known as the GUT microbiome. Research has shown that "FRIENDLY" gut bugs have many functions within our bodies.

* Breaking down food to release vitamins

*Supporting the immune system and even giving your mood a boost.


So, here is how you can look after your gut health and start feeling physically great.

Eat a varied and colourful diet. Aim for about 30 different plant based foods such a as fruit, nuts, seeds & vegetables.It is a great way to get the children healthy too. Making it fun by creating a colour chart and getting them to tick how much colour that ate that day. It will then become very natural to them.

Get in more fibre- Prebiotics are types of "FRIENDLY" bacteria but not all of us get the 30g recommended daily intake.

Choose fermented foods that have "FRIENDLY" bacteria in such as yogurts, porridge's and drinks that contain kefir, kombucha...

Also a good initial boost to get you started is to use probitics. which can be found in most health food stores. Some contain as much as 20 MILLION good, friendly bacteria.

Finally, take long, deep breaths. Stress triggers high levels of a hormone called cortisol when released into our blood regularly really messes up our digestive system. Have you notice at times when you get really upset and stressed your tummy is off even you could have loose bowel movements.

Don't waste no more time. Get that GOOD GUT FEELING working within you!

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