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How Much do you LOVE YOURSELF?

If you understand the value of self love you wouldn't be friends with people who are not good for you. You would know your value. See the value of yourself. Lovoing yourself regardless of the love from others. Loving yourself doesn't mean ego or materialism.

Loving yourself means accepting yourself where you are RIGHT NOW. It means eating the right foods, exercising your body. Keeping yourself healthy physically. It means being wise and picky to the company you keep. Not all the friends and family in our lives are good for us.

We have to be willing to break from the past. To have the courage to make change for your better. To forgive yourself and people who need forgiving nd then moving forwards. Loving yourself means appreciating and valuing your inner peace more than bad company.

Here are all the ways that you could be showing your body and mind self-love in your everyday life:

  • Sleeping properly

  • Eating healthy

  • Giving yourself time and space to understand your spirituality

  • Exercising regularly

  • Thanking yourself and those around you

  • Playing when you need it

  • Avoiding vices and toxic influences

  • Reflecting and meditating

How many of these daily activities do you allow yourself? And if not, then how can you say you truly love yourself?

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