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The Benefits of Social Isolation

Looking at the societies we live in we can see people are social creatures.The majority of our time is spent living in cities, working with people, socialising with friends and living with families.Most people interact with others on a daily basis. Some people have lived a life of social isolation due to where they live, or being ill. Now we are facing a global crisis where governments are stopping s from leaving the house known as LOCKDOWN. We could be isolated alone or with others however for those who are social interactors this FORCED isolation can be frightening overwhelming and traumatic.The effects of long term, forced isolation, can be, to some, detrimental to their mental well being., It is very important to keep in touch with people, now more than ever.

So how can we use this time positively? Anything that takes place outside of our control it is us who decides whether it is good or bad. Depending on our choice it will create emotions these then create a mood, whether good or bad,

1- The opportunity for reflection

We can use this time to think about our lives, our careers, our families , our relationships and ourselves without interruption from a busy day or a tired week. Taking a break from public life gives us a chance to look inward. We can gain new insights and discovering ourselves and become who we are. When you are part of a group you are more likely to go along with others ideas and behaviour and their thinking. In solitude we can look at our life

and see where growth and changes are needed. Keeping a journal at this time to write down thoughts and feelings will help clear your mind and in time you can look back and see your growth.

2- Grounding

Carl Yeung said that our living environment is an extension of ourselves. A messy environment has a negative effect on our mental well being. Spending time at home we can take the measures to keep it comfortable, tidy and clean and therefore create a sense of calm.

3- Life Planning

Write down some goals for the future. At times we make very important decisions from a place of busy and muddy waters of the mind and our environment. After we have taken the steps to clear our minds and busy lives we can really decide what goals we want to achieve and why. Become still and the greatest ideas come to mind.

4- Socialising

We can find substitutes for physical socialising like face time, web cams and text messages, phone calls and voice notes. We can do online exercise. We can enjoy online music such as facebook live SHOCKK OUTT with DJ TSK. This also helps to distract us from feeling lonely.

5- Shedding Light On Darkness

Solitude is an opportunity to illuminate ourselves. These are usually artistic sides to ourselves that we don't always have the time to explore. Shed light on your long forgotten passions. sometimes our busy lives distracts us from our passions. Do that project you always wanted to do.

6- A Chance To detach

Happiness is actually found within us. Our world is so busy and we are taught from a young age to have a great life you have to work hard. This is a time to detach ourselves from the noise, the money, the keeping up with everyone else and the stress that can create. When you have your basic needs you have everything.

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