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Tips & Habits for self love

Self love is something that doesn't come easy for a lot of people. As a society, it can be shunned upon, and deemed as selfish when in reality if you cannot love yourself who can you love? Learning and practicing self love is a habit which over time will help you to feel more love, for yourself and others, more confident, more fulfilled and more happier, LONG-TERM. Taking care of ourselves from the inside out.

1 Affirmations- saying to yourself throughout the day I AM ENOUGH. MY BODY IS HEALTHY MY MIND IS VIBRANT. Any positive self talk which lifts your mood and will combat any negative thoughts and beliefs you hold. You can search affirmations on the web or write your own. Any thing that helps to empower yourself.

2 Cut yourself a break- Don't be hard on yourself. Be understanding of your energy, your situation. Don't beat yourself up as nothing will change, positively. You are human.

3 Saying NO- If it doesn't provide you with any positive benefit then saying no is a form of self care.

4 Random Acts of Kindness FOR YOU- Take a little break, don't plan it let it happen. A little favourite beverage, a bunch of flowers, playing your favourite music, a walk in nature whatever kindness you would impart on someone else DO FOR YOURSELF ALSO

5 Pursue your Passion- Do what lights your fire, brings a smile to you. We all have a passion or something we really enjoy.

6 cook yourself a healthy meal- Many times we cook healthy for the family however when we are alone we tend not to bother. WE DO MATTER

7 Meditation- Many of us are so busy we actually do not know how to relax properly. Whether it is 10, 20 or an hours meditation just being in the moment with minimal thoughts is amazing.

8 Sleep- Getting enough sleep is vital to our emotional and physical health. Too little sleep causes poor concentration, irritability and a low immune system.

9 Letting go- also known as forgiveness. Forgiveness of others is actually more beneficial for yourself then the other. It frees everyone from the negativity and allows both parties to move forward and grow.

10 Exercising- Is beneficial for our physical health and our mental health. Even 10 minutes walking a day is good for you overall.

11 Mental consumption- Really regulate what you allow into your mental space, Whether it is a negative person, reading negative material and watching negative films. What we watch and read and interact with has a huge impact on how we feel and view the world.

12 Celebrate yourself- Forget perfection it is not real. we all have what is called flaws. We always should try, grow to a better person however celebrate who you are today.

13 Humour & Laughing- Learn to laugh at yourself. Not taking life so serious all of the time. Laughing has been proven to elevate your mood and immune system


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