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You Shine Brightest

You Shine Brightest was founded in 2011 although work on enabling people to be their best started in 1997

YSB believes investing, uplifting, supporting and guiding People to shine as bright as they can be is the way forward. 

We are excited that you have found us and we look forward to working alongside you.

We are Tre and SJ.

Two people who feel passionate about empowering the community around us, enabling positive change.

SJ, Founder

West Londoner, loves music!

Member of the group "Awesome"

Passionate about people
being the best.

Recipient of award recognising the work toward the promotion of healthy lifestyles

Tre & SJ 17_edited.jpg

Always treat people the way you want to be treated

Tre, Team Leader

South East Londoner, loves people!

Committed to my family.

Relentless supporter of homeless causes.

Recipient of the Community Peace Award and nominated for Pride in Medway award.

Tre and SJ 02_edited.jpg

Be the change in the world that you want to see

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