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A little about me.

The child of an alcoholic mother and step father. Which presented many issues. I have raised 3 children,
 as a single parent, been homeless with 2 children sleeping in friends houses until I was allocated social housing. Worked part time in retail balancing family life and working life, not always easy. From 2008 I volunteered with the S.T.O.P. anti gun and knife crime campaign, with youths. In 2010 we worked with an MP Nick deBois and got a knife law amended in parliament. After which I moved my family into another county and began feeding homeless people every Sunday.This then went on to giving clothes and this led me to actively encourage those around me to donate supplies for the homeless.In 2019 I was a finalist in the Pride of Medway Awards.Recognition for my voluntary work within the homeless community.During this time I met my, now husband, who was already volunteering some of his time within local community with his You Shine Brightest philosphy. Together we joined forces and created our website. Sadly, in late 2019 my mother was diagnosed with last stage terminal cancer. This was such a shock to be told she had weeks to live. My heart was broken however my family and I were with her while she took her last breath early in 2020. My life changed forever. During this time I found strength in writing my blog about my grief and the pandemic and lockdowns. All around me my world, our world had changed. with no support available through friends, famioly or counselling I immersed myself into learning about mindfullness and meditation. 2021 sees me happily married and wanting to extend my experiences of life and challenges with you.    

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