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Weekly Issue 1 Adding Value 16/07/202

What we can add to the world

What is meant by value? Quite simply value means what something is worth whether in terms of cash or importance or holding something in high regards. Honesty, love, kindness, patience are all values which we all benefit from being added into our lives and, generally, creates a ripple effect. We feel good about ourselves and are more likely to add these values to the lives of others.

Four Proven Ways to Add Value to People

Lift people up with your words. Speak kind, encouraging, and uplifting words to those you talk with. ...

Support people by offering to help them. Being present and on the front lines shows people you are willing to support them if needed. ...

Bring people gifts

Encourage other people's individual growth. By cheering them on and letting them know you believe in them.


Value. ..Add richness and value to your own life by adding value to the lives around you. ...

Silence. Life is busy, so having a few moments daily helps you to better deal with your day

Laughter. ...Laughter is the best medicine. People who laugh more tend to be healthier

Art. ...getting creative is a great stress reliever

Gratitude. ...Find at least 5 things you are grateful for. This helps to balance out the negativity you may be focusing on

Peace.. Mindfulness creates inner peace. At least 10 minutes creates a more relaxed you

Smile.. it makes you feel good and is warm to others

Exercise.. go for a walk in Nature.. it is calming and good for mind, body & soul


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