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Train Your Brain For HAPPINESS


We have been taught that external things make us HAPPY! The new car, new clothes, shoes, job, friends, relationships and so forth. Material things mainly. Ever heard the saying, "MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU HAPPINESS?" This saying comes from some wealthy people who seem to have it all financially and materially and yet they are still not happy.

What about the idea and belief that we already have happiness inside of us? Even through challenging and sad times.

No doubt tapping into your own supply of happiness is going to take some practice. As we have been programmed to think and believe a certain way. I am here to help you think a new way, create a new habit to create a happier you.

Ways to be more positive

1 Write a gratitude diary- keep by your bed and write down each night 3 things you were grateful for in that day.

2 Practice OPTIMISTIC THINKING- Make a choice to look for the good in things, situations and people.

3 - Use Your Strengths- Identify your strengths and grow them and use them.

4 Enjoy- Whether it be your favourite music, book, food or film really SAVOUR it. Think about it, get lost in the good feeling of it.

5 Reframe- when things seem to go wrong move on! Try not to focus too much or judge to harsh the situation. Look and choose for the best response and then move forward.

6 Practise Mindfulness- For 10 minutes each day centre quietly on you. Sit in silence and just be. Don't think, slow that down. Be in the moment. Hear the sounds but don't pay them attention. Breathe deeply and just be

7 Socialise- Spend time with good people. People who you feel good to be around. People who appreciate how special you really are. People who uplift you.

8 Acts of Kindness- To lose yourself in the service of others is actually to find yourself. When we take a step outside of our own self, wants and needs and help others we gain so much in regards of satisfaction, spirituality and personal attributes.

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