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Do New Years Reslolutios Work?

We are 11 days into the New Year and already many have given up on what they resoluted in 2021. While may people perceive New Years Resolutions to fail it has, in my opinion, become a habit. Almost an excuse not to continue. I, myself, have been there and currently am there. However, goal setting is a great way to stay focused. Everyday is a new day to get back up and continue. There is no failure in trying. The failure is in giving up.

Have faith in yourself. We are, afterall, human.

Set your New Years resolution in smaller goals.

Like the picture below write what you want to accompoish and focus on ONE thing and once done take it off your list as accompolished. Then move on to the next goal

Take it day by day if that is easier to keep focused.

Once you accompolish one day there is no reason why you cannot do another day!

Give yourself more credit and be kind to yourself.


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