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Helping People Adjusting to the Digital World

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and as it is drawing to an Endemic many people are still fearful of face to face meetings. I would imagine the pandemic has speeded up the process of life in a digital world. However, for many older people a digital world is hard to learn and to navigate.

During the pandemic we have seen doctors surgeries practice, mainly, online and phone call services. Many older people had to learn how to order food online. We have seen, in the UK, post offices closed to which many people were forced to get their pensions through bank accounts but at least you could see a person face to face to help right? Not so now. With many high street banks now closing their doors online banking is in full swing.

Many older people do not possess laptops, mobile phones etc to help with this transition.

In 2019, of the 4 million people in the UK who have never used the internet, 94% were aged 55 and over, 84% were over the age of 65, and 62% were over the age of 75.

Many people are IN favour of a zoom meetings and virtual meetings. So, this is looking to be the way forward.

As with other businesses life coaches will be conducting virtual meetings and sessions.

You Shine brightest Life- Stylist will be available with an online coaching platform. Each package tailored to each client. COMING SOON

Helping You Shine Brightest

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