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Breaking Negative Generational Cycles

What does breaking generational cycles mean? These are patterns and habits that are repeated from generation to generation until one generation decides to break the cycle.

Breaking cycles takes hard work, but it can be life-giving for the individual doing it, as well as for the future generations to come in that person’s family line. As each generation ages and technology changes and people become MORE SELF AWARE it is possible to break these generational cycles.

Generational cyccles can be in many different forms.


ABUSE in all kinds from emotional, physical, neglect and sexual

SUBSTANCE ABUSE often occurs to medicate oneself and as the younger generation look on they can often mimick the adults in their lives.

This can lead to toxic relationships and friendships. Seeing and experiencing the same types of people over and over agin in your life.

However this can be broken and you can steer your life in a new, safe and stable direction.

For more information on how to achieve this

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