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Keeping Your Brain Fit

Brain fitness can be described as "the ability of the brain to learn what the organism needs to know in order to survive in a changing environment. "During the 21st century this long awaited concept has arrived.

We know to exercise our bodies is good for it as in terms of flexibility and mobility. Also physical exercise is also known to enhance your immune system and brain acticity.

How is brain training good for your brain?

Brain training may help improve your memory, response time, and logic skills. Reading, games and exercise with co-ordination all help to keep your brain alert and stimulated. It has been said to take a COLD shower in the morning because it wakes you up and activiates your mental alertness and is good for circulation.

Turn Off Your Television

The average person watches more than four hours of television every day. Television can stand in the way of relationships, life and more. Turn off your TV and spend more time living and exercising your mind and body.

Meditation is a good way to quieten the mind and give it a rest so it can rejuvinate.

Learn a New Skill,

Read a new book

Play games which activate strategies and tactics.

We love our routines. We have hobbies and pastimes that we could do for hours on end. But the more something is 'second nature,' the less our brains have to work to do it. To really help your brain stay young, challenge it. Change your usual routes to work, shopping etc. Use your opposite hand to open doors and eat dessert first. All this will force your brain to wake up from habits and pay attention again

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