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Awaken in your consciousness

The beauty of this world is that nobody has it all. You may look at this one and that one. They have a nice car, that one has a nice job, that one has nice hair. But that one doesn't have it all. When someone really has it all is when they have inner peace. When they are free from the ideas of society. When they have inner happiness and relinquish all material possessions and their attachments to it. Life just is...

Most of us work from programmed egos from our past.

We all accept what is and end up suffering in our minds as a result. This can last for weeks even years and waste time when we can be happy and joyous.

Speaking your truth is to go against the status quo and is hard to do. It often times means we may have to stand alone. However, we all have different values and opinions and as long as it doesn't violate others then we should speak our truth. It is a release from an internal prison. Are you always striving for others acceptance, likes etc. That is hard work. Begin your liberation NOW. You are you, alive and fully authentic and you are enough as you are

The idea of ourselves isn't permanent. We have the power always to be changing, growing and evolving. We all have our own purpose, our own path however most of us whatever our purpose or path we all want happiness. However looking in all the wrong places to attain it.

You can be whoever you want to be. Many people are stuck and this is where hiring a life coach can help.

Have as least attachments as possible. To materialism, to relationships. We can believe in anything and beliefs can be changed if they are limiting and causing separation. Beliefs are not anything to do with who we are.

We need to have a new way of looking at life and making some changes. It is all about growth and consciousness. There are no mistakes just lessons and choices. We can live differently if the way we are living isn't working.

look inward and remind yourself the solution is always inside not outside.


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