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Awakening Of The Self

Awakening happens when we are no longer living in a dream world, a world we we are all playing roles. where we filter everything through ego and focusing on the future and the past. Instead, you have an awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else right here and now. The present.

Throughout the generations societies and cultures have implemented a social structure. The family, the mother, the father, the son, daughter, aunty, uncle, brother, sister, cousin etc. within these there is a certain expectation. An expectation for example that the mother/father will love us, protect us and take care of us. We play roles and live out the expectations of what it means to play that role. Marriage brings it's own expectations. Husbands/wives begin to play roles based on socities expectations of a husband and wife. This can bring a lot of stress and disharmony to the marriage. No one can fully live up to the expectation of another let alone society. We have been sold fantasies of romance and living the ideal life. This is not our power. This is living roles unconsciously.

Awakening to the self is not so easy. We have to break free of the expectations and roles placed upon us that we now place upon ourselves. We have to come to a place in our lives and really strip back all that we THINK is reality in its AWAKENED state vs role playing in a dream state.

It is a journey and maybe helpful to take in stages. Get to know yourself. connect with YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. Get to know wha you really think and feel about your life, your purpose. What you feel most happiest doing.? What are your opinions of your life?

When we live our lives in a way that is true to us. when we see the true reality, when we accept that to have a happy relationship is to bloom in freedom to your better self with no expectations of roles and societies set up then we have AWAKENED TO OUR TRUE SELVES. Empowered living. Peace and ease.


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