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Beauty Sleep

Sleep is an altered state of ones consciousness. To be asleep is to relinquish all voluntary actions. To be awake is an increased state of consciousness with voluntary thoughts and actions.

Throughout life our sleep requirements change. Newborns sleep on average 16 hours a day while the majority of adults sleep between 7-8 hours a day. Every adult is different as every body and life styles are different so the sleep requirements change. Life events also bring sleep changes. Depression can cause lack of sleep or too much sleep. Menopausal women may experience hot flashes at night disabling them from their regular pattern of sleep.

The current global lock down also seemed impact on peoples sleep. Some people slept more if they were furloughed or those who were able to work from home did't have the usual commute. Some people had school age children at home so was finding a new balance and routine. also reports of more vivid dreams. So this tells us that our mental health also affects our sleep and sleep also affects our mental well being.

When we do not have enough sleep our brain responds to emotional stimuli differently. We maybe a bit short tempered our concentration is also lowered so that can lead to anger and frustration.

Sleep plays a vital role in our physical health. It is while we sleep that our body can relax and repair itself. Getting enough sleep or not enough will have an affect on the immune system. Enough sleep helps to enable a strong immune system and lack of sleep compromises the immune system and so are more susceptible to illness.

So Beauty Sleep is definitely Real. To LOOK and FEEL your best sleep is a key factor.

To get a good nights sleep starts with a routine.

Turn off all TV and mobile gadgets at least an hour before bed. Where possible do not have mobile phones in the bedroom. If you do need them for an alarm always dim the back- light as the bright light affects the brain and it thinks it is daylight.

Turn off notifications so you will not be disturbed.

Create the right temperature in your bedroom.

• Lavender sleep Mist- An hour before spray some on your pillow, bedding and around your room. Lavender is known as a herbal, natural relaxant.

Try not to think! This is the hardest task. Train your brain that the day is over with no more to be done apart from sleep. Some relaxing, low sounding sleep music may help you relax and drift off.

Taking a zinc supplement has also been linked to aiding sleep


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