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Being your own Hero NOT your Zero

We have heard about fictional heroes throughout our lives. For example Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and so on. These fictional charachters are based on their willingness to help others and also their own personal struggles, hardships and sadness which became the strengths they drew upon to help others. While helping others we also help ourselves.

What is a hero?

A hero is defined by their bravery, their ability to act, and, in some ways, to create happiness and well-being. How does a hero do this? By making decisions, choosing what to do and where to go. So, if you want to become your own hero, your decisions will be very important.

The question now is do you want to become YOUR own HERO or are you waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to be that for you?

For instance some people didn't have parents who were able to fullfill their needs so as teens and adults they search out relationships to fullfill a parental void. The reason is low self esteem and maybe even depression at not having their needs met as a child. This then leads to flawed relationships as an adult romantic relationship isn't able to parent. Which then leads to the breakdown of that relationship or a toxic relationship.

How do we become our own hero?

Choices- The choices we make are so very important to our well being and the outcome of our lives. The choice to BE YOUR OWN HERO is the first choice that will be very important. So many people do not feel adequate enough, special enough or even capable enough. YOU ARE :) Start wherever you are in life no matter how hard your life has been, no matter how sad start right here right now!

Be kind to yourself? Speak kind words to yourself and about yourself. Heroes uplift, inspire and motivate. They don't critise, berate or belittle. A lot of times those thoughts come into our minds and this is very natural and common so do not think it is just you. We have to learn to train our mind. ( See previous blogs about this on this website) When a negative or critical thought nters into our mind replace it with a positive thought and more positive thoughts. Focus on your strengths and abilities. (We all have them!)

Do nice things for yourself, look after your health both physically and mentally. No more self bullying- Hero mentality.

Finding your chi or your flow.

Eveyone is good at something .If you don't know what is it is generally found in the things that come naturally and that you are good at, most happiest doing. Whether it be sports, talking, the arts and creativity, writing, travelling, cooking, music reading, the list goes on.

When you define your flow expand on those strengths and abilities.

Be reliable and don't let yourself down. If you say you are going to do something then do it!!!

If you make a mistake- Apologise. Dust yourself off and go again. Heroes are about #consistency, #passion and #intention.

As the song by Mariah Carey says, Look Inside You And Be Strong

And You'll Finally See The Truth

Powered By You Shine Brightest

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