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How you convey information to those around you is important.

So what is communication and why is it so important within yout professional and personal relationships.

The word communication comes from latin meaning to share.

Communication is both verbal and non verbal information coming from you. We can have a simple message however the tone, the look on our face and body language all play factors in how that message is delivered and how we represent ourselves. For example I could be at work and say to another worker, "Get this for me" with no smile and a low tone. will the worker be happy in doing what is asked? Probably not. If I say, "Please can you get this for me? With a smile or a higher tone to my voice the worker would more than likely be happy to oblige. The message is still the same but how it is perceived, translated and the outcome for all is very different.

If are communication skills are lacking it can have a detremental effect on personal relationships. Expecting the other person to know what you want and how you feel is a lack of communication and often leaves the other bemused. It can lead to a feeling of resentment from all involved. A feeling of not being valued all because it wasn't communicated or communicated properly. #communication #lifeskill #youshinebrightest #lifecoach

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