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Coping with uncertainty

Coping with uncertainty can be very stressful. as humans we all like to know what is going on and what the expected outcome will be. When things don't pan out the way we thought or believed they would it can cause stress, anxiety and even grief. These emotions can upset our digestion and our mood.

During the past 15 months we have ALL had to face uncertainty in our lives. From work, school and personal relationships. All of our regular routines in life have become uncertain. It has led to a rise in depression and mental health problems. We have lived under the illusion that we are in control and 2020 has shown us that we are in control of our lives to an extent. There are external factors on a daily basis that will challenge this and change our course of action. During these past 15 months we have had to rely information being given to us on a weekly basis that at times did'nt come to fruition. Such as June 21st #freedomday

No doubt our social habits have changed. From maybe going to work from working at home, from going to school to home virtual learning. To having your friends round or going out to seeing no one at all.

This is all hard to deal with and very sad and we are going through a globl grief of sorts.

However, we can focus on positivity and perspective. We can practice mindfulness. appreaciating this time whethe it be the next 5 or 10 minutes. Being still for a time and clearing your mind which will ease your body and help to invoke a sense of calmness.

Reframe your words. When you find yourself using negative words replace them with positive words. You will be surprised how this improves your mood. Play your favourite music. This has been linked to an increase of emotional well being as you enjoy yourself.

Don't focus to far ahead and make plans as if they cannot happen you will feel sad, let down and disappointed.

times will change and they are changing. We have to find our own ways to adapt and change for our better. INVEST IN YOURSELF!

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