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End your suffering

This week

I focus on how we can put an end to our own suffering and tap into joy, happiness and abundance? Is this possible I hear you ask? I believe it is and my proof is me. The only way to know is to try it for yourself!!!

We need to look at events, relationships, conflicts, traumas and negative energy and put a different perspective on them. These experiences help us to grow and become stronger. During times like these is when we feel uncomfortable because it is unfamiliar. However it is through these experiences we become more skillful and navigate our way more consciously through our lives. When we know what we don't want then we know what we do want. We only know what we want when we experience what we don't like. Only through experiences we find that out about ourselves. so instead of believing life is happening to us let's look at it as Life is Happening for us and because of us.

We all have a purpose, whether that is just getting up and making breakfast for our loved ones that is a purpose.

Many times people suffer not because of the event or experience but how we think about it. From childhood we may have experienced lack. Lack of parental love or attention. Our needs not being met as we needed. This leads to a programming of lack as adults.

For example if someone desires to be married and it hasn't happened. Some will think, I am not good enough whereas someone else will think There is no one good enough for me at this time. Which statement feels better? The situation hasn't changed but the suffering attached will be different. Even on the darkest days outside the sun is always shining above the storm. The storm will pass. How we suffer really does depend on our thought process.

Life is short and we are here to learn, to grow to find our purpose. Get up every morning with a purpose to find inner happiness and that will radiate and others will see you illuminated.


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