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F.O.M.O. is the abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. It is an anxiety experienced by many of us around the world and it is increasing. Social media, for many, is an extension of us in the digital world. We may share photos of our fun times, holidays, relationships even our food. For many this has become a source of anxiety based on comparison. Comparing ones life and experiences to another and deeming that the other is better and therefore they are missing out. It can cause sadness, depression and a lack of self worth leading to stress and anxiety.

FOMO marketing has emerged as a way to entice consumers to buy certain products or attend events. FOMO marketing triggers the customer's fear of missing out in order to inspire them to take action. This type of advertising is aimed at getting consumers to spend more and to trick them into believing that without certain products, clothing or lifestyle then you are missing out. We see the frenzy at some stores on the day a new brand of phone or play console is being released. People queing at all hours NOT only to get the product but to be one of the FIRST to get the product.

Life is what it is. Here and now. Life is about living your best life. Life ia about being happy and personal progression. Life is about enjoying nature, being healthy and fulfilled. We can live our best life in our own company as well as in the company of others. Living your best life is when YOU feel at your best. That can be just relaxing, reading a book, enjoying music or whatever you enjoy. The fear of missing out is a programmed illusion to manipulate our behaviour.

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