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Many people wait until the New Year to begin some form of self improvement. Whether it be weight loss, going to the gym, taking up a new hobby the list goes on. New Year New Me right? Well, why don't we turn that around and say New Me New Year!

Let's Take a look at some SELF IMPROVEMENT HABITS :

Read Every Day- Reading is a great way to relax and take in knowledge. Even just by reading a small amount per day your wisdom increases. #feedingyourbrain

Learn to speak a different language- This is a great way to get your brain wiring and firing new neurons and it is also a great tool for communication. It could alsoo open up the door for a job in translation. #languages

Take up a New Hobby- Do something new to be creative. Learning something new requires you to expand yourself in lots of different ways, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. #justdoit

Wake UP EARLY- As in previous blogs a morning routine is very crucial in making personal changes. It gives you more time in the day to get up early. It is also a time when we can cultivate and set the mood for the day in a more conscious and focussed way. #getupearly

Step out of your comfort zone- Real growth and expansion comes through steping into the unknown .This is where we find our strengths and courage. To keep ourself limited to what we know is keeping ourself stuck in the same place. With every new expansion and progress of selg growth comes different experiences and opportunities. #taketheplunge

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