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Many of us identify with various different things. Family, race, culture, religion and beliefs.

While identification with family can be amazing , supportive and a place of refuge, in a lot of experiences it is hard work and restrictive. Many people feel they have to live as their parents want. Act a certain way, date within your own race or religion. Many of us feel we have to act a certain way based on our skin colour, our heritage, our country and culture of birth. This is an engrained belief system from thousands of years past.

Is identitiy important?

Many feel it is. Many feel connected.

What are we without identity?

We are all human beings, first and foremost, plain and simple. Everything else such as family, race, religion are beliefs. We are connected. We all have been taught what our identity is and then we live in that belief.

With the shift of consciousness and much called AWAKENING, evolution we begin to question and strip back these identities and beliefs.

Let us learn to identify with happiness and compassion.

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