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Image Presence

What is presence?

Presence is allowing the most powerful version of yourself shine through. The renowned leadership expert Sylvia Ann Hewlett, defines “presence” as a combination of gravitas, communication, and appearance. ,Tthese elements, together, form an impression of trustworthiness, competence, and authenticity. Gravitas is indicating that you have the confidence and credibility in order to make your point.

Why is presence important?

It is important because human beings are biologically designed to, quickly, scan the environment for threats and harm. Impressions are formed quickly and with very little information. Social psychologist and bestselling author Amy Cuddy said, people quickly answer two questions when they meet you: Can I trust this person? Can I respect this person? To influence others, you need them to trust you and see you as competent.

How can you achieve Image Presence?

Part of developing presence is conveying confidence. What happens if you don’t feel confident? Amy Cuddy has an idea called “power posing.” Her central idea is simple: By assuming a posture associated with power, you can “fake it until you become it,” and make yourself feel more powerful. This is something I did on many occasions. From job interviews to meeting people. As I did not feel it naturally then. Now it is a part of me as over time it is something that I practised enough that I now see and feel myself as confident and am very aware of my image presence within my work enviroment and personal relationships . I agree and would also add that SEEING yourself as confident, being around confident people and seeing how they act. Getting yourself into the habit of visualising the image you want to show. How would it FEEL to be confident? How would you act, dress, speak and even walk if you were confident? All of this is possible with conscious work and practice. Soon enough you will feel confident and others will see your presence!

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