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Language- How It AFFECTS our REALITY?

There are around 7000 languages spoken worldwide.

The language we speak definitely impacts the reality of our lives. The language in our SELF TALK a lot of the time can work against you. For example, something challenging comes up our language can sometimes be, " I can't do this" " It is too hard" etc.. The impact of this is we can talk ourselves into limitations. Whereas if the language we use is "How can I accomplish this" our mind will try and find a solution. So, the challenge is the same however the outcomes can be very different depending on the language we use.

Some languages do not have certain words included. For example in English we have a word SPENDING and in German they don't. German people tend to have better financial savings. Could this be due to them not having the word SPENDING in their language?

Language we use can either EMPOWER our reality or rob us of the reality we so desire.

The language we use have us FOCUS and pay ATTENTION to certain words and over time we form a habit. We use the same words, the same language and our reality stays the same.

Use NEW words, include more POSITIVE and EMPOWERING words such as " I CAN " I AM LIMITLESS" I DO MATTER" "I LIKE"

Certain words to EXCLUDE "HATE" "SAD" "I CAN'T" Knowing my luck! attract a negative outcome.

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