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Let's Talk about MEN

Some of the issues men face in our modern world are very real and yet somehow not spoken about, especially in the media. We see a lot more men's magazines now promoting health and life style which is an amazing step forward. There is a lot of depression among boys and young men in our modern society. Let's take a look at some of the issues facing men in our modern world.


Men do live more violent lifestyles from the films most enjoy to watch and expressing themselves, especially amongst other males. Men are more likely to be affected by violent crime and murder than women. Males of a variety of ages are more likely to be in gangs and move within a pact. Where does this stem from? Possibly, childhood and socialisation of males. Young boys are told not to cry and to suppress emotions. At school males are more likely to engage in fights and if they lose the fight some parents punish them for losing so therefore violence, among males, has been encouraged. Physically, males have more testosterone, a male hormone, and men think in a more protective way.


Sadly, men are more likely to become homeless. This is because of job loss and relationship breakdowns. Social housing is over stretched and women with children are prioritised, thus leaving no accommodation available for single men.


Depression affects everyone, however, men are not as likely to seek help than women and that could be down to early childhood conditioning that men aren't to cry, men are to be strong always, and what masculinity should be, and all of this has led to a higher increase of male suicides which is the biggest cause of male death in the UK.

Let us talk more about the issues facing the men in our lives.

Many individuals feel so insecure within themselves that they control their partners .

The Guardian recently revealed that forty percent of all UK domestic violence victims are male. In America, the numbers are almost as bad. Shockingly, more married men were victims of abuse than women in 2012 – yet men’s shelters remain almost non-existent. In the UK, for example, there are 33 beds available in the whole country, compared with 4,000 for women. Worst of all, (male) police officers are often unsympathetic to abuse victims, leading to a frighteningly-low conviction rate, even by domestic violence standards


Like with depression men often overlook seeking medical help. Not wanting to confront health issues for fear of finding out the worst and by then it can be too late. There is not much support within the media empowering men to go for prostate check ups.


Relationships do break down and separation and divorce happens. As a result some women withhold their children from the father and courts do seem to be more bias in favour of the mother than the father. This does cause a lot of men stress and depression as well as frustration. Divorcee happens from the spouse not the children.


What actually is masculinity?

Masculinity (also called manhood or manliness) is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with boys and men. ... It is distinct from the definition of the biological male sex, as both males and females can exhibit masculine traits. (WIKI)

Men are more action driven. They seem to be the go getters, problem solvers fixer uppers. Most little boys will take things apart only to put them back together again. Most men are competitive and strive for perfection that is within their own minds. Due to social conditioning men feel they must hide their emotions and feelings. This is damaging for the man as it is not enabling him to grow or to have a fulfilled romantic partnership or to teach his children how to show their feelings and help those around him to feel loved and wanted by him.

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