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LOVE, Relationships & Expectations

What is Love?

Love is a close bond with another that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust, or friendship. It's a deep mutual expression of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, intimacy, chemistry, and partnership. Love is something that is best to find in yourself and for yourself before you start a relationship. The reason is simple. To love oneself means you are not entering into a relationship to extract love from the other person to make you feel good about yourself. That is Too much for one person to give and for a stable relationship. Instead practice self love first and the right partner and relationship will present itself in your life with a partner that will, naturally, reflect all that back to you.

A loving relationship is one of work. People aren't always easy. Different days our energy and mood levels differ. So to take into account of this is where RESPECT come into play.

Ask a man would he prefer to be loved or respected first? The answer among a lot of men i s RESPECT. Ask a woman that same question and the majority answer LOVE. So already we can see that men and women think of and perceive love differently. So if the sexes perceive love differently then do they show it differently? The answer is yes. Briefly men show their love in pragmatic and helpful ways whereas women show their love much more verbally and physically.

Love is such a vast word with a vast meaning. We have love for ourselves, love for our families, love for our friends, love of pets, love of things, places and hobbies. so we say the word love to describe a good feeling even though that feeling is very different for the above named.

Love languages- there are many different love languages among people. If we are being shown love in a different way then we expect then we do not see it or receive it as love even though to the other person it is their way of showing love. 

So when a man is open, giving and affectionate with a woman on an ongoing basis, it is often his way of expressing love. For him, love means meeting her needs and having his needs met as well. Still other men use sexuality to avoid or cover up areas in the relationship that might be difficult. What a man needs in a relationship?

Something that a man will really want in a relationship is for you to be his safe space. A sign of a strong relationship is where he can open up to you emotionally. ... If a guy wants to be in a relationship, it means that he does not just want the physical intimacy. He wants to be emotionally close to you as well.

Love to a woman means knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on. It's unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them. It's like your heart tells you that it is good for you. Women need men to show kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion. Regardless of the type of relationship, men and women should be considerate of each other's feelings

  1. Offer the gift of listening. ...

  2. Say please and thank you. ..

  3. Write a letter or send a card to someone you love and mail it. ...

  4. Write your loved ones a poem of gratitude.

  5. Be Patient

  6. Ask about how your partner's day has been?

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