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Love without Depending

Don't be dependent on the people you love.

Relationships are two people loving each other, but you shouldn't depend on that alone.

when we depend heavily on another for love, help or assitance it becomes draining for the other person and they have things going on in their life also. The quickest way to lose any relationship is to DEPEND. It is nice at certain times to have help from others when they are able to give it. It is a beautiful trait of humans however never fall into the trap of depending so heavily on others. It is a sure fire way to end up alone as the burden is too great. Depend on yourself for Love and your needs whether they be mental, physical or emotional.

Live without Pretending- Be your organic self.. This world is fille dwith fakeness.. people pretending and no one can carry that off forever so be yourself and grow into the person you want to be for yourself.

Listen without Defending- Take time to listen and understand the talker. Most times when we jump in to quickly to defend what we believe is right we jump right into a battle that may never have been there. Take time to listen and decide if that information we are hearing is good for our growth, if not move on. Speak without Offending- our words are strong and last a life time. Be mindful of your words for what proceeds from the mouth can cause hurt and damage far beyond our intentions.

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