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Music and the Positive impact for Mental Health

Music has an amazingly, powerful effect on us. We listen to it for entertainment but did you know listening to music is known to have incredible positive effects to our brain? Music can actually change the way we act, think and feel. Music is made up of vibrational frequencies that resonates with our bodies. The love frequency is 528hz. Each different type of hz will resonate with us in various ways. Have you ever noticed some music makes you feel good, happy, energetic while other music makes you feel low, dull, sad? Some music has a calming effect on us, enough to fall asleep to.

The right type of music can actually help raise and lift our mood. Whether we listen to it or create it. So when you feel that you maybe in need of a boost listen to music that makes you feel good and have a dance!! you will get exercise too and this is also a great mood booster

Music Can:

Elevate your mood and motivation

Reduce stress

Improve focus

Help relaxation

May help reduce anxeity and depression

So yes music really does effect our mood and emotions and can be used a s a self help tool. Put your favourite records on and enjoy


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