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New Year New Hope

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and healthy New Year!

2020 has been a year no one will forget. Mass grief on a global scale as well as personal grief and loss. We have gotten this far. So be proud of yourself. The path hasn't been easy. New laws, new ways of living, new problems however new positives.

One of the main problems has been "boredom". Our lives, previously, have been of business, time scales, working, deadlines and by the time the day is done we are tired. However, having more time than ever known we are faced with "BOREDOM". In our modern society of everything quick, everything now, no waiting, online, in seconds has now been severely restricted. Interaction with people and sometimes relying on others for our entertainment and even thinking is restricted. I fully understand and have struggled with this also. Silence, stillness. Things I'd never fully encountered for so long. After some months I found a new creativity. A new lesson learned that maybe surrounding our children with so many toys and gadgets insn't really a good thing, for them. Maybe less is more. The less they have to play with the more they'll need they're imagination to cope with boredom or what we perceive as boredom.

LERARNING TO BE ALONE WITH YOU- Throughout this 2020 pandemic learning to be alone with myself was difficult. The more alone time I was experiencing the more I was questioning who am I really? Months down the line I have learnt and grown a lot and now see most of my 2020 as a blessing. I got to write more blogs, listen to my favourite music and find out about new music. I started to read a friend's book #everyoneversusracism by Patrick Hutchinson. I took up keep fit via youtube. Watching films that I found pleasure in.

So now I no longer feel the negativity and loneliness of boredom. I have learnt to entertain, occupy and enjoy myself, at times alone. Silence enabling me to hear things the loudness drowns out.

Happy New Year From

You Shine Brightest

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