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Our EYES don't SEE our BRAIN SEES. Change your mind to change your life

The optic nerve carries the information received from the retina to the brain, where the brain translates it into the single image we perceive, or 'see.' All humans have blind spots, which are spots where the eye cannot see.

We have to learn to THINK GREATER than how WE FEEL.

Most of our thoughts and feelings come from past experiences our memories. The brain is organised to reflect of everyrhing we know in our lives. The brain is a record of all we have learnt and experienced. when we have an experience all our 5 senses come into play and our neurons organise into patterns and stamps which we feel as an emotion. Hence a smell, a song etc will bring us right back to a memory or experience connected with it no matter how many years have passed. That event altered us in some way.

Thoughts are the language of the Brain and feelings are the language of the BODY. Once we understand this we can literally CHANGE OUR MIND to CHANGE OUR FUTURE LIFE.

How we think and how we feel creates an ATTITUDE whether ositive or negative. STring the same attiude together it becomes a belief. WHAT IS A BELIEF?

A belief is a thought you keep thinking over and over until it becomes hard wired in our brains. All beliefs are subconscious states of being. We have beliefs about oourselves, about love about religion about the world. This leads to choices we make. most people view their lives, unconsciously from the experiences of the past

So we are in control. FIRE and WIRE your BRAIN with NEW, POSITIVE THOUGHTS and new habit.

Reaffirm your identity. Break the routine that is not working for you. Create a NEW routine. Anticipate the feeling of the life you want. Bask in those feelings and forget the limitations of the known.
Become liberated from the past!!!

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