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Positive People and their Habits

Ever wondered why some people are always positve? It is defintely cultivated from habit and is not by chance. It does take a conscious effort. The benefits for the person and those around them are immense and it is contagious!!!

So, let's explore some of the habits of positive people and how you can implement them. My philosophy is Books Do Not Teach, Life Experience Does! so don't take my word for it. Try it

for yoursef!

Positive people smile loads

The saying Smile at the world and the world smiles back is very true. Smiling is good for the brain. It tells your brain you are happy. When you feel happy inside yourself it shows on the outside. Everyone loves to be around a smiler. It is magnetic, contagious and when you are with someone who smiles a lot you will find yourself smiling too.


Positive people are, generally, very grateful and appreciative of life. They give thanks for what they have and do not see lack rather than abundance. The more you show gratitude the more you find you have to be grateful for. Go on... make a gratitude list. It may surprise you how much you have to be grateful for!

Making great day instead of having a great day

Positive people are on purpose. Most have a morning routine they follow.

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Don't just wait and hope for a great day. Make a great Day!

Positive people can let go & know it is not giving up.

Positive people know when it is time to let go. Letting go of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, people and associations which no longer serve them or detract from their positivity. Having the experience and wisdom to surround themselves with like minded people.

Past is in the Past

Many of us hold on to the past. The good times and also the bad times. This keeps us connected to the past where there are no more lessons to be learned and it stops us from moving forward and creating more memories and new experiences. Not always an easy thing to do however a very healthy thing to do.

Not letting fears hold them back!

Positive people are go getters. Doesn't mean they don't experience fear rather they do not let it confine them. They see it for what it is and go forward. On the other side of fear is courage!

Great Communicatiors

Have you noticed that postive people are great communicators?

Always engaging in uplifting conversation. Usually, the life and soul of the party!

Positive people understand that human interaction is based on communication. The more positive, humourous and light the better for all involved.

Positive people are conscious of their emotions and are well attuned to keeping their emotions positive. It has been noted that postive people are happier and healthier people as their bodies physically responds to the energy of positivity.

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