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Positivity Jar & Blessings Ideas

Some years ago a good friend gave me a positivity jar for a birthday gift. It has been a most helpful gift, especially, during more challenging times. What was even more special was that my friend took the time to fill it with lots of positive quotes and affirmations and decorated the jar. This gift has remained in my home and at family times, we sometimes each put our hands into the jar and read the positive note. 
You can buy jars in many retailers or maybe you have an emoty one already. Decorate it and write on pieces of paper positive statements, words and affirmations. Make them personal to you or even some random positivity notes. It is a great way to lift your mood. 

When my children were small we created a blessings tin. Being a single parent life was hard however it really helped the children and myself to find the positives in the day. To our surprise we had SO MANY blessings we took for granted or overlooked. Like so many people always thinking blessings we huge and extravagant rather the most important blessings being small and humble. It became a family tradition on New Years Eve to open the tin and see the blessings we had experienced. An amazing way of looking back and seeing life was filled with blessings and it really helped us feel good and motivated. #mondaymotivation

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