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Raising Your Personal Standards

What are persoanl standards and do we all have them?

Persoanl standards are our own definition of ourself and how we treat others and how we expect or accept treatment from others. Even if we do not know if we have personal standards the way we dress, the language we use our behaviour will reflect our persoanl standards.

What happens when you set high standards for yourself?

When you set high standards, you immediately raise your expectations of what’s possible. You begin to expect more from yourself and more from others around you. With a higher set of expectations, you become more willing to do more to get the results you want, which inevitably raises your standards of performance and behaviour.

How To Raise Your Persoanl Standards

♥ Believe you are worthy

♥ Decide what you want to achieve and how you can accomplish it

♥ Find mentors, life coaches who can support you and guide you

♥ Set out realistic goals. Start off with small goals and as you become more confident expand your goals. Focus on one small goal at a time.

As your standards change, your behaviour and attitude will change and how people treat you and how you allow people to treat you will change.

Our health is also the result of our standards

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