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Relationships- Stay or Leave

Not feeling sure about what you should do? That is ok. Your life is worth making the best informed decision.

Some people just come for the party, the good times, and some come to help you clear up? Some people add to your life and some people take from your life. Does that person value you? Share with you? Are they a support system? Are they your day one? Is your happiness, success and sadness theirs. Do they love your soul as much as your body? Bodies change and the soul shines brighter. The importance of EFFORT is like glue. You must always make the effort. Are you around someone full of words and no action? Effort shows you care. Words do not mean anything until you prove it. If someone is making a huge effort to stay in your life and is around that is a good foundation. No effort- BYE!!

Do they value you and your life? Do they inspire you or belittle you?

NEVER be an option rather being a PRIORITY.

Do they add richness and flavour into your life. Can you feel vulnerable around them and feel safe? Can you trust them?

Relationships shouldn't be forced. Relationships that are meant to be never require force. You don't have to chase someone who is meant to be in you life.

You are worth a natural connection, flow, respect, care and appreciation. It is one thing falling in love however staying in love is a choice.

you should only be around people who have your best interests and accept you for who you are.

We can't change anyone. People have to change themselves. A relationship is a partnership and not an ownership!

In a healthy relationship, if something is bothering you, it's best to talk about it instead of holding it in. Respect Each Other. Your partner's wishes and feelings have value, and so do yours. Let your significant other know you are making an effort to keep their ideas in mind.

Think higher and aspire to be more!

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Isabella N
Isabella N
Sep 23, 2022

Good readding

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