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Rise Again

I know how extremely hard this past year has been. Living within lockdown restrictions. The biggest impact, I have been experiencing and hearing from others, is loneliness and feeling disconnected from people, from self and from life. No one knows the true impact on the young children not having attended school for most of the year. Are they feeling lonely, overwhelmed with constant life at home with no interation with friends. The stress and anxiety has been compounded with guilt. We are all following government guidance and missing our family dearly.

However we will RISE AGAIN. Humanity adapts and moves forward. We can consciously do this. We can and will live life again. It may not be the normal you once loved and lived but it will be living not just exisiting at home.

Mental health and your well being being at the top of any priority.

Exercise daily. whether you do you tube work outs or go for walks in nature. Exercise releases feel good chemicals in the brain.

Eat as healthy as possible. - Many many many people have used food as a source of comfort and coping. With less exercise this of course leads to weight gain. Don't be hard on yourself. I have gained some weight. We are normal living through unpreceedented times.

Set yoursel a lockdown goal!!! I set myself agoal of reading a book from start to finish before we exit lockdown.

Think positively- It is a practice and you may find yourself quite resisitent. However, give it a try. It is all about perspective. Two people can experience the same thing and feel very differently about it. The situation is the same however how each individual perceives it depends upon them. We can choose to think positively. It is a practice but it does help get you through.

Reach out to someone- Living in lockdown 2020/2021 we have technology to help keep us virtually connected. We can zoom with multiple people, we can create whats app groups, facebook groups, good old fashioned phone calls even letters. Reaching out also helps the giver feel good as well as the reciever. Everyone likes to feel they matter and are though of.

TURN OFF THE NEWS- Media overload can be very damaging and depressing. Limit yourself to once a day to keep informed of the ever changing events.


look forward to your future... spend time in meditation right now.. all of this is good for your immune system also.

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