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Self Acceptance

In the last post we looked at self awareness. In brief it is a conscious awareness of ones character and feelings.

So what is self acceptance?

Self acceptance is, basically, to accept yourself as you are. To accept your positive and negative traits, feelings, thoughts and emotions. To accept the things you cannot control in your life. To let go of the resisitance, resentment, frustration and anget that is associated with resistance and trying to change that which is out of your control. It is to forgive yourself, to let go of guilt and shame. It is to accept that as humans there is no perfection only progression, if we choose. Along with self acceptance it is also to fully accept others as they are too and their choices. In self acceptance we gain a freedom and inner peace. We learn to enjoy our life and accept our responsibility of it.

Having a high level of self-acceptance leads to better mood , lesser depressive symptoms, and increased positive emotions.

When you do not accept ourselves our psychological well-being and mental health suffers, which in turn make it harder to see and experience the happier you and life that is desired.

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