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Self Awareness

  • Self-awareness plays a critical role in how we understand ourselves and how we relate to others and the world. Being self-aware allows you to evaluate yourself in relation to others. For people who have an extremely high sense of self-awareness, excessive self-consciousness can result. If you feel that you are struggling with a self-consciousness that is having a negative influence on your life, discuss your symptoms with your doctor to learn more about what you can do to cope with these feelings.

How does this apply to accepting yourself?

  • You first make an observation about yourself

  • Get to Know Yourself indepth

  • What if you were to drop your value judgements and opinions and simply saw “what is”

  • Perhaps you would find a well of acceptance for yourself and others that you never knew existed.

Self Awareness at Work is extremely important. Colleauges will test your charahcter in various way. These are people we spend most of our day with. We have to know ourself well as others will believe you to be as they see you and understand you and not neccessarily relfect who you are.

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