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Self creating Obstacles. How to GET OUT of your OWN WAY

We all encounter obstacles in life. Some beyond our control and some we actually create ourselves.

A lot comes from self conscious programming to which we can remain unaware it is happening. Once we reflect upon our actions and behaviour we can BEGIN to consciously making better decisions and overcome a lot of self induced obstacles that prevent us from reaching and achieving our goals, dreams and happiness.

A few tips on how to overcome self induced obstacles

Keep focussed and keep going. Giving up is NOT an option.

Replace negative thinking with positive thinking. We all think negative thoughts about ourselves and the world on a daily basis. When a negative thought enters your mind quickly dismiss it with a positive thought. Negative thinking is responsible for holding many back from their goals.

Believe in yourself!!

Celebrate your achievements even if that achievement is repacing a negative thought with a positive one. Do not limit yourself. You are limitless. It is only negative thinking that tells us otherwise. Are you your thoughts or are your thoughts you?

Believe nd achieve


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