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Self Isolating? Tips & Advice to get through

From the onset of the covid-19 pandemic many have had to, are and will have to self isolate for some time. This article is for those who have tested positive or have been in contact with a covid-19 case and have been told by the Government to stay at home and self isolate for between 10 & 14 days.

To protect the public from the spread of covid-19 self isolating has become the norm of 2020. Although a good plan to try and stop the spread of this virus it is not without its challenges for those who have to stay home.

Firstly if you have tested positive for covid-19 get plenty of rest of drink lots of fluids, preferably water to prevent dehydration. Take paracetamol if you have a high temperature or aching muscles. Honey and lemon are good to add to water if you have a cough or sore throat.

Tips to get through the time:

Make sure you STAY CONNECTED to your friends/family. This is important as you may need supplies of food, medication and if you have pay as you go metres you may need your energy topped up, especially during the winter. Also staying connected to these people helps cope with the feelings of loneliness and isolation. If you do not have access to friends and family local councils maybe able to provide you with a volunteer who can get what you need brought to you.

If you have a garden or a private balcony go outside for some fresh air. Staying cooped up can affect the speed of your healing. It has long been known that physical health and mental health are linked. Even just looking out of the window at birds or flowers can help boost your mental well being.

Eat healthy meals. It is easy when you are alone and not feeling well to compromise on healthy food. To eat snacks and over indulge in the wrong things to pass the time or just as a mental response to the situation you find yourself in. However, try to eat healthy so you give your body the right fuel it needs to fight the virus and stay healthy.

Routine is important. I know from times past how easy it is to not get dressed, not clean your teeth as no one is coming by however this can be damaging for your mental well being. Make a point of planning a routine for yourself. Add less news time as this can be repetitive and not helpful. Do something you enjoy or start something new, like reading a book, or something creative. Make use, positively, of this time. Maybe watching a film in the evening is ok however to sit in front of the TV all day watching films may not be the best idea throughout the whole of the isolating period.

Try varying your activities. Listen to podcasts on you tube. Learn something new to engage your mind. Meditation is a great way to relax and silence the mind and rest your body.

There are many voluntary groups 7 charities offering help during this time. MIND, Samaritans, AGE UK and NHS volunteers maybe able to offer some help and support. Your local council is also the GO TO for more information of services in your local area.


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