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Shine Right Shine Bright

To Shine Bright really means letting the world know and see WHO you Really Are.. This world can be a place full of rules and other peoples ideas and expectations of who we should be. Most times it is to make them feel comfortable. Our first responsibility is to ourselves. Too be who we autentically are is a very brave and courageous thing. Accetng oursself is not easy as we are bombarded with what the world says we should look like, eat like, smell like and behave like.. When YOU SHINE BRIGHT you help others see their way out of the darkness- SJ Mathurin. . what a beautiful thing to be able to do for somebody else when you are shining your brightest. As you do you illuminate the world, your life and that of those around you. Others see your light in many ways. You will FEEL your LIGHT within.. your health will be better, your relationships may change and become of more value.. When you SHINE others will either shine with you or move into their shade.. Either way.. Shine right Shine Bright..

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