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Surprising Things can reduce your immune system

Eating a diet based on fresh whole foods is good to support the immune system. However intake of key nutrients are just a part of looking after and boosting the immune system,

Below are some, SURPRISING, things that can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.

Moderate exercise too is also very good but surprisingly, very VIGOROUS exercise can promote inflammation to which the immune system has to cope with thus compromising its ability to deal with infections.

Loneliness is one of the emotions which is linked to lower immunity. Research has found that people who feel lonely take longer to recover from illness. (in previous posts this topic is covered with tips and advice to cope with loneliness)

We all know that being overweight isn't good for our health for a variety of reasons and because of the inflammation caused by carrying excess weight this compromises the immune system causing it not to cope at optimum level for other needs.

STRESS Feeling stressed for a long time releases cortisol into the bloodstream which isn't good news for the body. One disadvantage is the lowering of the immune system. Small amounts of stress are ok to get us through certain situations but at a much short term level.

ALCOHOL A small glass of wine is said to be beneficial however overdoing the intake of alcohol will have the opposite effect. .Amongst other illness linked lowered immunity is one of them.

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