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The Best Relationship of All

Most people are looking for that PERFECT partner, the ONE who will fill our every need.

For most of us that is a lot to live up to..being THE ONE.. it is full of expectations to fill a need in the other. When many are trying to keep themselves floating..

The best relationship of all is with YOURSELF.. Look at it like this. if you don't like spending time with you why would anyone else?

Below are some tips to get you started growing the best relationship of all..

Create self-love habits-

These habits will help you stay grounded in loving energy, which will support your well-being.

Turn off social media. - Take a break from other peoples lives and get in tune with yours.

Practice forgiveness. - Frees yourself from hurt

Walk barefoot on the Earth. - Reconnect with nature in all its entirety and calming effects

Eat for your well-being not your tastebuds.

Help someone else.

Meditate and apreciate all that you are and where you are.

Love yourself the way you want others too-Love them that way also

Be your own hero-Look up to yourself

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