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The use of beauty products in everyday life

"The study, published in the African Journal of Business Management examined face makeup and moisturizers, as well as anti-aging, body firming and anti-cellulite creams. ... Results revealed that most women purchase and use cosmetics for psychological reasons like self-esteem and boosting their attractiveness to men".25 Jul 2015

There's no doubt the majority of us use some form of beauty product or another. Men are not excluded after all it is 2020. Beauty products have long been a part of our everyday life. To facial creams, hair products, make up products and so on. Why do we do it?

As the opening sentence suggests it is mainly for psychological reasons. Confidence boosting, feeling good about ourselves, after all when we look goo we feel good, right?

From favourite scents to favourite lipstick we all like to groom ourselves and show up looking good. Could it be we all want to maintain a youthful look?

There are also clever uses of make up products that can enhance our features and transform our looks. This has become an art form for the younger generations in society.

Most people from every age has a favourite beauty product from both genders also. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that after these products are applied the user experiences positive emotions.

The beauty industry know this and have made good business from it.

I like millions of people have favourite products, colours of make up and definitely favourite scents. So if it makes you feel good then that is a good thing.

My favourite beauty product, being a 50 year young woman is by far the use of facial oil at night. At the moment I am using Rosemary oil. During the day I use Rosemary Cream however the use of oil at night has a much more moisturising affect on the skin and night time is the best time to allow the oil to soak into your skin to hydrate it from the days experience of pollutants.

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