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Tips for Dealing with uncertain Times

  • Put time aside to look at your situation, currently, and two heads are better than one so talk it through with a trusted person.

  • Have a short term focus. The further we look into the future it is easy to become anxious and miss out on the now which is what we have. Focus day to day and think about what is in your control to do right now.

  • Even through uncertain times one thing is for certain there is always something good. The small things that remain consistent are certain.

  • During uncertain times it is so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, feelings and beaviour. For every negative thought think of 2 positive ones. Our mind is not our best friend. We are in control of our mind and it is a practice to train your mind towards positivity.

  • Exercise is very important fr a healthy body and healthy mind. When we exercise our bodies release happy chemicals called endorphines. find ways to relax and switch off from the day in the evening.

  • Deep Breathing can slow down anxious feelings. take long, deep, slow breaths and give your mind and body that quick relaxation.

  • meditation gives us the chance to just be. focus on us. Our bodies need proper rest and relaxation.

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