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To Score a GOAL you have to set it up!

You must have a specific goal. ...

Think about what you want to attain. It could be a career goal, a relationship goal, a holiday goal, a professional work goal or a personal goal. If this is your first time start with a smaller goal to get into the practice and motivation.

You MUST have a specific time in which to achieve your goal. ...

Give yourself the desired time frame. It is always best to have an end time in mind as this helps you to focus and stay motivated and not to get bored and to give up.

You must write down your goal. ...

This is very IMPORTANT! when we write down from inside ourselves this is a step towards making the goal a reality! A visual reminder is an excellent way to stay focussed.

You must develop a plan to achieve your goal. ... now you the first steps it is time to think about what plans need to be put in place in order to take action into achieving your goal. For example if you are looking o go on holiday decide where, the date, write it down and think of ways to go about booking it. Travel Agents or online.

You must decide the price you're willing to pay. ...

A price to pay isn't always financial. It can be a price to pay in time and physical effort. What ARE YOU WILLING TO DO in order to make this happen.

You must think about your goal a every day..

Get EXCITED about the goal you have et and are working towards. Think about it daily as new ideas and inspirations will come to your mind and lastly but importantly




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