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What limiting beliefs are holding you back in life?

Here are 5 of the most common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from success and how to overcome themin your life:

  1. Other people's success will diminish mine. ...

  2. I need to struggle to succeed. ...

  3. My parents didn't do enough for me. ...

  4. I'm not good enough to succeed.

These are reasons, that many belive are valid, and most of us in our childhood have experienced situations where they feel their parents didn't do enough for them. Maybe this is true and maybe those parents did not KNOW whatn to do or how to do it. I need to struggle to succeed? No pain mo gain right? What actually is the struggle? A lot of how we see situations are through language and ideas that have been taught to us. Instead of using the word STRUGGLE the

is more empowering. Struggle indicates fighting against whereas challenge feels more proactive. After all challenges help us grow and we find achievement in and after the challenge.

Whether your beliefs were passed down, as most self beliefs are, we can CHANGE those beliefs..

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