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Who Are We?

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

From the time we are born we refer to ourselves as I. Who or what is the I?

We are pure consciousness. To be aware of your own physical and mental self, and to further be aware of an ability to control yourself, your actions and your thoughts. So I is a realization of self.

Below are three definitions of consciousness:

1. The subconscious

Where mindless actions are taken; ‘muscle memories’ both physically and emotionally.A borderline intuitive sense of action and analogous in some regards to the superconscious stateThe stuff dreams are made of, daydreams as well

2. The conscious

A rational and logical thought processWhere decisions are made based on analysisClassifies and quantifies the world, creating a state of comparison and judgementA potentially dangerous place to be, if one only relies on the conscious mind to operate

3. The superconscious

A level of consciousness that exists beyond one’s own ability to naturally ‘control’A state of mind only attainable if one is receptiveOne must have a positive attitude, be willing to face their fears and pain, and hold a desire to embrace love. Specifically, self loveTo have a willing acceptance of reality, and an understanding of one’s own complete inability to control it

We reside primarily within the conscious mind, but can and often do operate subconsciously. As we likewise find ourselves capable of initiating a superconscious state of mind.

Finding ourselves removed from our intrinsically conscious state, is something that happens both as a natural phenomenon, and at times, as the result of deliberate individual action.

We are human beings with the ability to think, decide and take action. To react or respond. To love or hate. To shine our light or shrink into the backgound. To be happy or sad.

How we act, speak and behaviour is a way of expressing who we are, at that moment. How we choose to live is a refection of what we think we are inside.

Everyone wants to be happy, right? How do we chieve that? Is it a choice or sheer luck that we find whar we are looking for? I beleive it is a choice.

It is a choice that each of must individually make for ourselves. How badly do we wish to become all that we are truly capable of becoming?

There is only, one way to find out. You Shine Brightest is here to assist.

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