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If I asked you to describe yourself to me what would you say? It is not about perfect or looking good.

Think about habits and addictions you want to change? If you want to quit smoking but still identify yourself as a smoker you wont remove that addiction.

Take a moment by yourself and ask some deep and honest questions? What is your current identity? How do you view yourself? How do you view your health? Are you someone who exercises everyday, do you only eat good foods for your body? If yes can you do better if no what can you change to feel healthier.

Write down how you want to see yourself? Write down the qualities this person has.

How would this person look? How would this person live and behave? How would this person feel? Someone with great relationships. someone who has discipline. Is it someone who keeps going and believes in themselves? Who does this person associate with?

Write down one sentence now.

Who are you now?

I am a passionate person. I am disciplined. I am someone who lives everyday to the fullest. I am someone who knows where they're going and only take actions that lead me to a better life. WHO ARE YOU?

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