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Why YOUR Brain isn't your friend

Throughout the ages our brain has been wired to keep us safe. Have you ever wondered why when we think about doing something different, out of our routine we get flooded with a ton of negative thoughts. Our brain seems to go into overdrive providing thoughts upon thoughts as to wht we shouldn't, the worst that can happen, thoughts of doubts etc. Thoughts then become emotions and if we are flooded with negative thoughts that leads to negative emotions than those emotions will create stress, anxety and fear. Ultimately, we do not go ahead with that idea of doing something different. It becomes a programme in our subconscious mind.

Does it have to stay this way? Not at all. We forst have to identify when the negative dialogue, selt talk is happening and consciously replace it with positive thoughts. This is a practice and will take some time. However, in time, it will become a habit and seem like less effort.

When we notice ourselves having an inner dialogue about our thinking and it prompts us to evaluate our learning or problem-solving processes, we are experiencing metacognition at work. This skill helps us think better, make sound decisions, and solve problems more effectively.

We need to learn how to take control of our brain and steer it by developing different habits. Shaking up regular routines. We need to get beyond our analytical mind.

Meditation helps to slow our brain down.

Chage of routine helps. Even if you brush your teeth with a different hand,

Take a different route to work, school or shopping.

All this tuns on different circuits in our brains.


Every time we make a thought we make a chemical. Happy Thought Happy Feeling. Negative thought negative feelings.

With regular practice we can replace a negative thought with a few positive thoughts. Even though you may not believe what you are consciously thinking your brain doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. That is why you can watch a scary film and literally your body starts feeling frightened and anxious.

We as adults are a set of memorised behaviours. We have to recondition the mind. We can learn to change out thought patterns now. Many wait until trauma happens or something upsetting. Why wait? We can do it now.

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